Middlesex University

MDX Middlesex University is a large multinational university with 32,000 students from 140 countries. Around 10,000 of their students are based in overseas campuses and/or study at partner institutions overseas. Middlesex University has developed pedagogic research, backed by practice in eLearning, blended learning, technologies for learning, e-assessment and communities of practice for over 20 years. Middlesex University has six Schools (Art and Design, Business, Science and Technology, Health and Education, Law, and Media and performing Arts) and a Centre of Excellence, the Institute of Work Based Learning. Curriculum development is informed by robust and acknowledged research as evidenced by the excellent research assessment results. Middlesex University offers wide ranging experience and expertise in participation in EU projects both as a coordinator and as a partner and have a number of Bologna and Tuning methodology experts. In particular Middlesex University is strong on Quality Assurance, Quality Enhancement and Evaluation at international, national, institutional, programme, and module/course level.

For more information you can visit http://www.mdx.ac.uk/

Middlesex University's role in VALO

The contribution of Middlesex University to the VALO project will be to provide leadership and assistance to the consortium in all aspects of quality (including quality of training materials), quality plan, sustainability plan, quality assurance, evaluation and enhancement. The experience gained from coordinating/participating in TEMPUS and Leonardo da Vinci projects (such as ARMQA, NETWATER, eForminfo, NETIS) forms a solid foundation for ensuring the delivery of the VALO work packages within time, cost and quality specifications.

MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY will organise, deliver and participate in dissemination events throughout the life of the project. The events will be in-house, in the UK (e.g. at the British Computer Society) and overseas through participation in conferences and workshops.

MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY will offer pilot training and will evaluate feedback from across the consortium pilot training sessions in order to improve the quality of the materials and the examination (pool of Multiple Choice Questions, Self tests and answers).

The MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY contribution will continue beyond the end of the project with further collaboration and publications (papers, posters and reports) at international and regional conferences on Pedagogy, Educational Management adding Value to Europe and Society at large.