FH JOANNEUM Gesselschaft mbH

fhj FH JOANNEUM is one of the leading Austrian universities of applied sciences. Additionally to its teaching activities (roughly 3,500 students) the university has well developed R&D centres, which work - in cooperation with international partners - on a multitude of projects. The R&D centre of the department of International Management has extensive experience in EU projects. The main research foci of the centre are quality assurance in education and project work, cross cultural teaching and learning and entrepreneurship. The experienced staff members of the R&D centre are currently successfully active in 14 EU projects.

For more information you can visit http://www.fh-joanneum.at/aw/~a/home/?lan=de


FH JOANNEUM has been co-ordinating the project DiVa the results and materials of which - the handbook for dissemination and valorisation of educational projects) can serve as a major input for the VALO project. As such FH JOANNEUM can provide a lot of inputs and use synergies from DiVa. FH JOANNEUM will contribute to the development of materials and delivery of trial training sessions.