About VALO

Rationale VALO

All projects need to valorise their results and outputs for maximising achievements and increasing sustainability after their lifetime. This includes transfer of results and best practices to different and broader contexts, potential tailoring to the needs of others, continuation after the funding period has finished, influencing policy and practice, serving the public good. The emphasis is on optimising the value of a project and on boosting its impact.

Many European and other projects seem to be missing a valorisation strategy. Projects seem to be carried out in isolation and finish without lasting impact. In addition, there is a lack of skills for carrying out valorisation actions.

The general aims and objectives of the project are to create a new certified Valorisation Expert profession adding to the existing certifications in the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA) (http://www.ecqa.org/).

Why this project is necessary

All projects need to disseminate, sustain and exploit their results and outputs in order to maximise the achievements of the project and in order to serve the public good. Dissemination means spreading information to ensure that others benefit from experiences gained in the project. Dissemination includes broad dissemination (communiation with public or stakeholders not strongly involved with the project) and deep dissemination (addressing the target group as early and as extensively as possible). Exploitation of the results of project activities embodies the act of employing results to the greatest possible advantage. Exploitation needs appropriate mechanisms to make results more attractive for use to the target group; tailor the results to the needs of specific target groups, sectors or organisations; transfer results that could be used by new target groups or sectors; sustain results and keep them in use and existence; influence and change mainstream practice and policy. By a few words it means that more people can share in the successes, experiences and lessons learned. The French term, 'valorisation', is often used encompassing all activities that maximise the achievements of a project. The emphasis is on optimising the value of the project for diverse stakeholders (society, community, institutions, individuals) and boosting its impact.

Many European and other projects are missing a good dissemination and valorisation strategy. Projects usually are carried out in isolation, and finish without essential impact. In particular projects consisting of purely research oriented and/or technically oriented partners also seem to lack knowledge of the importance of dissemination, exploitation and valorisation for sustainable development. They also may have inadequate valorisation skills.

Course material will be developed in order to produce units of learning with outcomes containing international working skills that can be integrated in ECQA.

Objectives of the VALO Programme

  • 1 Develop an online accredited program of study for the job role of a Valorisation Expert.
  • 2 Pilot the program in participating organisations/member states of the project partners.
  • 3 Refine the program based on systematic feedback.
  • 4 Disseminate project results via a range of channels, including a major European conference.
  • 5 Ensure the self-valorisation and sustainability of the project and its outputs through the ECQA and other bodies.

Valorisation qualification content

  • 1 Importance of valorisation for raising awareness (social competencies).
  • 2 Study and development of robust valorisation.
  • 3 Measurements of quality and effectiveness of valorisation activities (administrative competencies).
  • 4 Assessment of the impact of results and valorisation actions (administrative competencies).
  • 5 Promotion and dissemination of project results using web-based electronic means, including digital media (Internet marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing) (technical competencies).