EU Project Support

Objectives of the Leonardo da Vinci programme

The two year (01.10.2011 - 31.12.2013) ECQA Valorisation Expert Training and Certification Project with project number 2011-1-GR1-LEO05-06789 is supported by the Lifelong learning programme Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) Transfer of Innovation (TOI).

Specific objectives

  • 1 To support participants in training and further training activities in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development.
  • 2 To support improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems, institutions and practice.
  • 3 To enhance the attractiveness of vocational education and training and mobility for employees and individuals and to facilitate the mobility of working trainees.

Operational objectives

  • 1 To improve the quality and to increase the volume of mobility throughout Europe of people involved in initial vocational education and training and in continuing training, so as to increase placements in enterprises to at least 80.000 per year by the end of the LLP.
  • 2 To improve the quality and to increase the volume of co-operation between institutions or organisations providing learning opportunities, enterprises, social partners, and other relevant bodies throughout Europe.
  • 3 To facilitate the development of innovative practices in the field of vocational education and training other than at tertiary level, and their transfer, including from one participating country to others.
  • 4 To improve the transparency and recognition of qualifications and competences, including those acquired through non-formal and informal learning.
  • 5 To support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning.

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